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Learn French in 100 hours!

Join my course and your employees will improve their language skills and even be ready to take exams...

Speaking another language will give your employees confidence and build their self-esteem at work. My  French course has been designed to teach French in just 100 hours and fit around your working day.  I will  visit your offices weekly and in groups of 6 teach your team to speak French with flair. During the course your team will have a goal, to pass a language qualification and demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Speaking French to colleagues or customers will enhance your business relationships and improve staff retention. Group lessons make the task more fun, motivational and encourage team work. Investing in your staff and giving them time to develop their skills will boost morale and benefit your business. I cover numerous areas in Suffolk and Essex such as Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe and Colchester.

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About Us

My name is Gilles Guy, I was born in France in the beautiful city of Paris.  I have been living in the UK for 24 years and I am a passionate and experienced  French Tutor.
After traveling around the world it became clear that communication is King! Inspired by my love of language I decided to develop a course to help others communicate with more confidence. The International House of London, one of the leading language schools in the UK, was the perfect place to complete my training. My unique approach has led to confident students learning French quickly. Speaking French to my students ensures they become immersed in the language straightaway. Everyone is capable of learning a language if they have the right teacher.

With 19 years’ experience working with businesses, I’ve taught people of all levels to speak French. Every student works towards the DELF qualifications from complete beginner to advanced level. The DELF (French Studies Diploma) issued by the French Ministry of Education, certify the French language proficiency of foreign students and it is recognized across the world.  I have also delivered private tuition for young people at GCSE or A levels, but also adults preparing for a new life in France. My achievements come recommended by several local Companies as well as people whom I have helped privately. My approach is based on achieving results and building confidence into every student. With my help as a native qualified teacher, you will be speaking French from your first lesson and build up your confidence as you learn. I have helped people in small or larger businesses but also privately since 2000. Enthusiasm and a relaxed approach will make all the difference.